A Chunk of Fantasy 2.01 Dissipating Armour [Spell]

“Now young one, listen well. See the Bert over there? He’s a good friend of mine and offered to help me in teaching you this spell. The typical warrior is a deadly foe for us mages to go u against in combat. They have weapons, tactics and what else? Correct! They have armour. Bert is wearing some old armour we got for cheap for this purpose as I don’t want to ruin the set he normally wears. Watch carefully. See the way I move my hands as I utter the words. With the final gesture, I cast the spell towards Bert. Now it’ll take a few seconds to start working..see..his armour appears to be dissolving away like dust in wi…Bert by the gods, how many times have I told you to wear something under your armour!”

Spell Type – Armor/protection removal
Spell component – Dust and a small bit of metal wrapped in leather

Dissipating Armour (Sometimes called Dissipating Armour) is a spell that many mages have in their arsenal. In essence, the spell removes the armour from the target by what looks like a disintegration type effect, turning it into a dust that quickly blows away. This doesn’t take that long to occur and many a warrior has been caught out when their primary means of protection has been removed. This can lead to the spell caster getting rather cocky when using this spell, which is why tose who teach make sure to point out that the basic commonly taught version of this spell does not remove the armour permanently and after a short period of time it reforms around back around the target.

It was thought by arcane historians and sages that this spell first appeared during the first mage war when a large group of the magic user were fighting for their very lives, not long after the power and potency of magic and spell started to rise. Stories say that during one battle, a brash and foolish warrior, who had not fought against mages before challenged their leader to a one-on-one battle, believing he could crush the frail looking spell caster in one hit. Fro all account the look on his face as he stood there in just his rather frilly undergarments was almost as satisfying as when the mages ended the fight faster than expected.



Like many spells, this one has several known variations that take the base spell and add twists and tweaks to it. Some of them are listed below

  • Explosive – The armour explodes dangerously when it dissipates
  • Permanent – The armour is gone permanently, doesn’t work against enchanted material
  • Removal – The armor returns, but at the spot where it was, not the wearer
  • Transpose – The armour returns, but on another target

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