A Chunk of Fantasy 3.01 – Champions Manor [Spell]

“Now I know some spell casters like their instant-accommodation to be quick and simple. Me? I like luxury, I like room, I like a place I can go relax and train. I am after all, the Champion of Threxia. I want servants; I want high-quality food and plenty of drink. I want a place I can call home that only I and others I choose to let in can join. What? No I don’t want to be a god? What a stupid idea. What I want is the perfect place I can call home!”
Xerseis Hammersmash, Champion of Threxia

Champions Manor is a fairly high-level spell that fits into the same category as others that create or allow access to extra-dimensional spaces. Some of those spells provide just the land, others a small place in which to live. Champions Manor takes that up a notch and provides a whole manor, configurable and designed to relax and heal the users as much as possible.

Training here is especially quicker, for all classes and professions. Something about the location makes it easier to learn spells, train your body or even commune with your deity.

Once cast, the spell permanently creates what can be classed as a demi-plane on the astral sea. This manor and its land, complete with ponds, forests and game to hunt or study, takes up anywhere to 10 miles across. The edge of the land is surrounded by impenetrable trees that not even the most potent of druids can pass through. Once cast the land and main manor building is fixed in terms of external design. However, small and internal details, such as rooms or hidden areas can be changed, but this must be done when no-one is inside the area. One version of this spell has it so the manor is much bigger on the inside that the outside suggests.

Access to the Champions Manor can be through any door. A particular key is required and copies of this key can be given out, each with restrictions on what the user can do. There is only ever one master key and if that is lost, then you are out of luck. The user of the master key has access to all the controls for the manor. Each user can be allowed access to certain rooms, floors or even just the grounds. They can be configured to allow full access to the training and healing benefits. Some users of this spell have even created fake or trap keys that send the user to the manor dungeons or dump them in the pool. a few wise users of the master keys add a second enchantment to it to either bind it to them or require a password as well.

The main downside to this spell, apart from its power requirements, is the initial cost. The main component is a manor house and lands. This determines the base size of the spell and what the land around the manor in the dimensional pocket looks like. When cast the land and manor is removed from this reality and the landscape it was taken from returns to a natural state, as if it had never been there.

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