Last night I did a test run on my twitch channel – which can be found here. Originally I was going to name it after Ennead Games, but after a bit of thought, I decided not to, as I might want to set up an official EG channel in future which will be covering Ennead Games related materials and games and so on. This will probably include live chats about products, some behind the scenes stuff.

The MobiusTempus Channel will probably be covering:

  • Star Trek Adventures: Damocles games – I haven’t yet tested roll20/skype and OBS (The software I will be using to stream) together, BUT on the tester I ran last night, I played a bit of Star Trek Online (seemed appropriate to me really) and once I had adjusted the layout, seemed to go ok, so I am hopeful the proper game will run ok. OBS allows me to stream and record and the same time,  but only tried that for a few mins with STO.
  • Other PC games that I enjoy playing and can run whilst streaming. I have a ton of games via Steam, GoG , Origin etc so won’t be stuck for games. The hardest part will be deciding what to play. Patrons will probably be polled from a selection to see what I run next. Basically, if it’s the type of game I would enjoy playing when not streaming, then it’s the sort of game I’ll be playing when I AM streaming.
  • The occasional random visit from the furry overlord herself, Chloe T Cat.
  • Anything I can think of that I enjoy.

The time frame for when I am likely to be streaming is (using GMT/BST time zones)…

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays – These are the days I am aiming to stream. The times will normally be 6pm London time (GMT/BST). I’ll be posting on twitter when I am about to go live.  This all assume my health issues allow me to stream ok. In case you didn’t know I have problems with my kidneys and for the most part, things go ok, but seemingly randomly I can be left with little energy or be curled up on the sofa in pain waiting for the meds to start working. If this happens (and I hope it doesn’t) I won’t be able to stream or if I do, it won’t be for long
  • Other days – There may be random streams on other days, but I can’t guarantee it as much as I can on the days listed above.
  • Steam Times – To begin with will be for about 2 to three hours (health and energy levels allowing). Remember that I’ll also be working on Ennead Games products during the day as well and every so often will have to focus more on those than streaming, especially if I am working on a project for someone else.
  • STA: Damocles will probably be running on a Friday or Saturday night, every two weeks, starting at around 7 or 8 pm (Dates and times to be confirmed). I’ll be playing in a WoD game on alternate weeks, So the first month or so of the new year will be a bit chaotic until we can get a regular schedule sorted.

This has definitely moved my plans for EG forward by a few months. It’s a nervous, yet exciting time for me with this and other things. Hope to see you on stream chat one day!

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