Crystal Cave of Gernanium
When the gypsum crystal cavern of the Naica Mine of Mexico was discovered, it fueled the search for more of the same. For many months, the search was fruitless and set back until one day, quite by accident, just outside the mining town of Gernanium a mining operation broke through into what has been called by the locals as the Crystal Cave.

The Crystal Cave of Gernanium is, at the entry point near the surface, quite small,but leads into a massive complex of caves and caverns. As of yet the true size of the area has yet to be mapped. The area is full of massive crystals, with the majority of them being made from a form of gypsum. Like the Crystal cave found in the Naica Mine, the ones here are quite large, some the height of small house, with many being about the same size of a typical person.

At the moment, there has been 3 major caves discovered, all linked to each other with smaller tunnels.One of the caves leads back towards the town and explorers. Many spelunkers, geologists and scientists from around the world have started to converge on the area, to investigate the system and be the first to discover its secrets.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Despite the difficulties in exploring the CCG, the area has become a popular location for geologists. One though has recently gone missing and it is believed she went exploring into the CCG on her own without a guide.
  • With the discovery of the CCG, mining operations in the area have been halted. Some locals have been quite vocally opposed to this even through the increase in tourism and scientists into the area has more than compensated for the loss in income.
  • Experiments done on crystals removed from the CCG have revealed them to be a type of quartz unseen before. some belive it would be very useful in the creation of lasers or digital devices.
  • There is believed to be a cluster of blood-red crystals somewhere in the cavern system. Trophey hunters are willing to pay a lot of money for a sample of these so-called “Blood Crystals” but very few locals are willing to explore the deep and unmapped areas.
  • A plan has been brought forth to flood the area with an apparently harmless, yet highly visible gas to see if, or where, the cave system leads. The belief is that if the gas is not detected then the system is closed with no other openings. The local population is roughly split 50/50 on this idea and they require an outside neutral party to make the decision.

Inspired by : Naica Mine

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