This week’s list covers names for various afterlife names. They may be places of serenity, peace or torment.  Can those who travel their come back or are the souls of visitors bound there for eternity?

  1. The Aerial Plain
  2. The Agony Barrow
  3. The Angelic Forest
  4. The Anguish Farm
  5. The Bleak City
  6. The Bright Level
  7. The Chosen Beach
  8. The Crimson Tavern
  9. The Demonic Sanctuary
  10. The Harmonic Haven
  11. The Hidden Hell
  12. The Light Expanse
  13. The Onyx Prison
  14. The Proven Heights
  15. The Sanguine Asylum
  16. The Savage Outland
  17. The Scarlet Wastes
  18. The Silver Forge
  19. The Utopia Field
  20. The Winter Empire


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