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Last week, the 10 world-building questions were about undead, this week, we continue the themes of being creature-focused and talking about Demons and other similar entities.

As before, even on worlds where these sorts of creatures do not exist, such as in a sci-fi setting, there is a good chance that there may be legends or tales from the past or non-supernatural creatures that to outsiders may fit the bill.


  1. What are demons commonly called by the population?
  2. Do the majority think they are real or tales?
  3. What are the origins of demons?
  4. What do they typically look like?
  5. What is the most (in)famous demon?
  6. What typical powers and abilities do they exhibit?
  7. What is a weakness they typically share?
  8. How do they get into the world?
  9. Are they “evil” or just have some type of ambiguous morality?
  10. How are they organised in relation to power/strength?

Bonus question – Do they have use names in addition to their true names?




List of world-building prompts & questions

List of prompts and questions for characters

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