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Content warning – Food and confectionary – These are 100% NSFW (Not Safe For Waistline)

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Roll a d20 and see what treat awaits you!

1 Bitter Margarita Butter
2 Brown Cheese Biscuits
3 Celebratory Ginger Truffles
4 Covered Lime Lace
5 Crunchy Pepper Crackers
6 Dusted Nutmeg Paste
7 Explosive Date Churro
8 Festive Jelly Popsicle
9 Filled Sarsaparilla Brittle
10 Fruity Pistachio Cube
11 Giant Kiwi Chips
12 Green Huckleberry Stick
13 Heavy Neapolitan Chocolate
14 Low-Sodium Pineapple Cane
15 Multi-packed Blackberry Sherbert
16 Salted Apple Fudge
17 Sauteed Peppermint Lolipop
18 Soft Jalapeno Cluster
19 Soothing Vanilla Bun
20 Velvet Cranberry Gummi



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