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This is one of those topics that at first glance is only suitable for the fantasy genre – The nature of undeath!

However, as certain shows and films have shown us, the undead can be found in multiple genres – the difference being essentially how they came to exist in the first place.

For worlds where the undead don’t exist and are just myths and legends, the questions/prompts below can be used as to provide consistent “lore” and so on.

  1. What is the most common form of the undead?
  2. Are the undead all corporeal/physical or spirit-like?
  3. Do the various types of undead share common traits?
  4. Do they have a common origin or source?
  5. Who/What is the most (in)famous undead individual?
  6. What is the typical weakness of the undead?
  7. Are there any types considered to be “good”?
  8. Can undead be returned to life?
  9. What skills, memories or abilities do the undead retain from their mortal life?
  10. Can undead be permanently destroyed and if so how?

Bonus question – Are there any festivals/holidays dedicated to undead/death in your world and what are the details?


List of world-building prompts & questions

List of prompts and questions for characters

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