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Ships are found in multiple settings and genres and the questions below can, for the most part, be used equally in a sci-fi setting as a more realistic one. 

These prompts can be tied to a single ship or used for various vessels.

  1. What is the name of the most (in) famous ship?
  2. Who is their captain?
  3. What is the biggest legend attached to ships?
  4. Where is the biggest or most active shipyard located?
  5. What is the most commonly used travel route and why is it the most used?
  6. What is the typical speed for ship travel and what is the top speed?
  7. What class or tiers of ships exist?
  8. What goods are banned from transport by ship and why?
  9. What is the typical material ships are made from?
  10. Is there any mythical creature known to go after ships?

Bonus question – What superstitions are associated with ship travel?


List of world-building prompts & questions

List of prompts and questions for characters

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