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The Friday Lists returns with some more sample sample content made from my own generators! This week its the turn of names and concepts for hideaway – those place you go to when you need to , for many reasons , just get away from things and be left alone!

Roll a d20 and see what you get!

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D20 Hideaway name/Concept
1 Animus Lair
2 Argent Crypt
3 Avian Galley
4 Azure Shipyard
5 Clover Mausoleum
6 Corona Vault
7 Eclipse Pen
8 Epiphany Hideout
9 Epoch Abode
10 Exalted Sanctuary
11 Golden Depot
12 Hollow Mansion
13 Mystery Conclave
14 Serpent Croft
15 Silver Alcove
16 Tempest Hovel
17 Thorn Perch
18 Vanguard Keep
19 Veiled Redoubt
20 Zephyr Hollow


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