Fake Sci-Fi Device Concept Generator

As I gear up for the mega bundle (one week to go at time of posting this) and work finally of the Space Colony/Starbase generator , i’m going to hilight some of my older PDFs that have a sci-fi aspect to them, starting with this one that came out last year!

Fake Sci-Fi Device Concept Generator

Fake names, ideas or concepts for devices in the sci-fi & modern genre!

The Sci-Fi (and modern) genre of games and stories is full of amazing-sounding devices. Not just weapons, but tools or things that serve a purpose for the plot, even if it’s just some kind of McGuffin for the protagonists or players to hunt down for whatever reason.

Sometimes though, you don’t need the full details, just an idea or concept, something to get things going, to spark the imagination or just to be a name, where the details are not important. This is where this publication comes in.

With 15,000 possible outputs or combinations, you are sure to find at least something to help, some output may even match up with real things!

Example Outputs:

  • Hydro Adaptor
  • Atomic Grinder
  • Lunar Burner
  • Phase Collider
  • Solar Scrambler

Original Date of publication: 16/01/2023

Current Drivethru metal rating: Copper (Top 18862 products (13.29%))


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