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Quick Generator Desert/Wastelands Names & Concepts

Names and concepts for beautiful yet often deadly places…

A desert is a barren area of landscape where little precipitation occurs. They are not just full of sand, even though that is the mental image that is often conjured up when the word is used.

Some can be full of ice and snow, others a wasteland from an artificial disaster that affected the local climate.

Whatever their reason for existence, deserts can play an important part in any world, from places of deadly, yet incredible beauty, to locations where a valuable resource can be found or simply just a place for adventures.

This quick generator PDF gives you two d100 tables that, when the results are combined, give you 10,000 possible names (official or nickname/use names), concepts or quick descriptions for deserts.

Example outputs include…

Frozen Territory
Dread Limits
Infernal Basin


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