Ceiling Trap: Crushing ceiling descends (20d6=72).
The trap is activated when a magical trigger is set off.

Door Trap: This door is filled with hidden pockets of Green Slime (CR4). Any undue force will cause the hidden pockets to burst in a 5-foot square that deals 1d6 Con damage per round as it devours flesh. On the first round of contact, the slime can be scraped off (most likely destroying the scraping device), but ater that it must be frozen, burned, or cut away (dealing damage to the victim as well). Anything that deals cold or fire damage, sunlight, or a remove disease spell destroys a patch of green slime. Against wood or metal, green slime deals 2d6 damage per round, ignoring metal’s hardness but not that of wood. It does not harm stone.

Outdoor Trap: Fireball trap (5d6) (CR4)
Fireball Trap: CR 5; magic device; touch trigger; automatic reset; spell effect (fireball, 8th-level wizard, 8d6 fire, DC 14 Reflex save half damage); Search DC 28; Disable Device DC 28. Cost: 12,000 gp, 960 XP.

Pit Trap: 50-foot-deep (5d6=18) pit covered by a fragile lid.

Room Trap: Basic arrow trap (CR1)
Basic Arrow Trap: CR 1; mechanical; proximity trigger; manual reset; Atk +10 ranged (1d6/x3, arrow); Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 20. Market Price: 2,000 gp.

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