Easthalen #8 – Major Geographical Features

Last time the Chaotic Desert was talked about. This is not the only major geographical feature in Easthalen, but it is one of the most deadly and, some would argue that it’s nature makes it more like a spell gone wild as opposed to a feature. So here’s a brief overview of the major geographical features of Easthalen.

Designers note: As with any of these rough-guides, the actual name, size and location may and probably will change between now and when Easthalen finally goes live. Think of them and anything else in these guides as work in progress. These are not the only features of course, but a sample of the ones the world contains.

Crater Ocean – Already been mentioned, but due to its size and the fact it has within it Franner Isle, makes it impossible to miss.
Drakholme Mountains – Northeast part of the world, contains the highest peak in the world and many valleys. Part of the range goes “beyond” the barrier.

Scion Forest – South of the Drakholme mountains. Has some of the largest trees in the world and rumoured to be the location where the gods would go to imbue their children with knowledge and power.

Razor Plain – A area that on any other world would be considered average. Called the Razor plains due to the fact it has a type of grass that if moved through at fast speed can cut unprotected legs and beings like it was a sharp razor. Predators have been spotted driving their prey into the razor grass to cut and weaken them before going for the kill.

Star River – Although not the largest river in the world, it’s the most famous. This is believed to be due to the fact it runs through a seemingly never-ending silver mine, picking up small flakes of silver ore along the way. At certain times of the year the river can appear to light up like a star. The water is effective against lycanthropes, but it is advised to not drink it and is treated as a salt-water river.

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