Equipment Maker 4 – Armour

Everyone who goes on an adventure uses equipment. Without it, their adventuring days would come to a halt quite quickly.

This generator doesn’t give you the details of any powers or abilities that are named or generated, that part is left up to you. It could be used as a simple description or the names could have real abilities tied to them.

This edition of Equipment Maker deals with armour, covering all pieces of armour you might find, from helmets for the head to sabatons for the feet.

Inside you’ll find…

A master description table to help you decide on the description format
2 examples of an item made with this system
a d100 table for the descriptor of the armour
a d100 table for the prefix power of armour
a d100 table for the suffix power of armour
Several tables that give you more details about the individual bit of armor
Plus two d100 tables for the material and type of armor, both with duplications to help reflect the more common types and flesh out the tables


Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)



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