Yesterday I mentioned about various product lines and what I had planned for future series. So today, I thought I’d go through what I have ongoing now and what I have planned. This isn’t all of them and the titles for the series can be thought of as working titles and can and probably will change. The lists below do not include one-offs or those i plan on updating and bringing out in a new format, such as the old Kits series.



These are series I have a lot of planned ideas for and have been doing reasonably well

  • Creature Description
  • Dungeon Feature
  • Empire Builder
  • Equipment Maker
  • Quick Generators
  • Spell Options


Future/Planned Series

  • Item Options – Like the Spell Options series, this will take an existing magical item, such as the famous bag of holding, and provide options for it, some will make it cheaper, but worse, yet other make it more useful and valuable
  • NPC Maker – For when you need some details on a type of NPCs, such as a mage, or paladin, a noble or some other kind of class or profession
  • Official & licenced Material – This will be for existing games
  • Optional Rules – This may be a one-off, or have volumes dedicated to various games
  • Sci-Fi Feature – Will cover anything you might find in a sci-fi setting from types of planets to anomalies etc
  • Urban Feature – Like the dungeon feature series but for things you’ll find in towns and settlements
  • Wilderness Feature – As the other “feature” series, but will be focused on terrain or things you might find in the wild


Future/Planned One-offs and Irregulars

These are, at the moment, only planned to have one in the series. They may be updated later and expanded, but that will be decided on a case by case basis based on feedback, sales etc.

  • Equipment Catalogue – A simple series of lists and tables for various genres listing a ton of equipment. It won’t be going into detail but will be made as a quick-look up type of guide
  • Random Lifeform Maker – Will be aimed towards sci-fi settings but will be easily usable in other genres.
  • Reference Guides for subjects such as Theifs Cant, alchemical terms and more. This
  • Resource Pack – A collection of tables for the most common things you may encounter or need to look up, such as types of metal, durations and much more
  • Planet Maker
  • Starbase Maker
  • Starship Maker


Irregular Series

This particular set of pdfs, whilst part of a series, take longer, or, are harder to do, so won’t be coming out as regular as others might do.

  • Delightful Discoveries
  • Encounters & Events
  • Fantastic Feats – Although this has 50+ volume, it’s basically done unless an idea occurs to me that is worth expanding on
  • Helpful List
  • Helpful List Aribtary Collections
  • Name Maker
  • Superlative Spells



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