To fill in the gap on this Tuesday, here’s a preview of something from an upcoming product , namely from the Fantastic Feats series, volume 39 which will be about the Gunslinger prestige class.


Gritty Aim

“Looking down the barrel, taking aim at your target, then pulling the trigger…there is no feeling like it in the world”

Gravel  Longshot,

Interview with a Gunslinger


1st level


As long as the Gunslinger has 1 grit point, anything they are shooting at that requires an AC check is treated as having a AC penalty of -2 applied to it.

This covers normal shooting and anything else that requires the Gunslinger to beat an AC number, such as Scoot Unattended Object.


Can be taken multiple times, increasing the minimum level requirements by +3 each time.


Gunslingers can be found in Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat™ (PZO1118).

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