English: Semur (Dutch: Smoor) Daging - A type ...
English: Semur (Dutch: Smoor) Daging – A type of stew of beef braised in sweet soy sauce; Daging Bali – Beef stew in shallot & lemongrass sambal of Bali origin; Rendang – Famous slow cooked beef dish of Minangkabau origin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The semi-official month of the Quick Generator gets off to a start with this from “Quick Generator – Food Dishes“. Clicking on the table header of the sample output below will take you to the generator page.

Food/Dish Idea
#1 Slow Cooked Shark
#2 Casserole Fermented Anchovy
#3 Flambé Backwoods Cooked Catfish
#4 Caramalized Veal
#5 Braised Hare & Crocodile

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