Gahlvalos Thalu

Alignment: Neutral Good

Age: Mature Adult
Size: medium

Coloring: Solid brown

Back: Normal
Head: Set of saber teeth
Horns: A single short sideways horn on each side of the head
Jaws: Carnosaur (huge jaws)
Limbs: 4 Limbs, 2 for manipulation and 2 for movement
Tail: Mace-like
Wings: No wings (Levitative flight)

Intelligence: Dragon (23)
Communication: Normal speech (Tongues Spoken: halfling, dwarven, draconic, Heldanic (Hattian dialect), gnome, abyssal, goblin, orc, )
Breath Weapon: Cone of Cold
Body chemistry: Healing blood

Special Abilities:

Class: None
Gender: male
Personality: Sassy
Quirks: Talks loudly


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