Illustration of a goblin
Illustration of a goblin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weeks generator is a combination of an existing generator, Goblin Name, and a new one Goblin Descriptions. Clicking on the heading in the sample output will take you to the page, or lick on the link in the widget to the right.

Goblin Details
Name Name Wikpug Vykag
Armour Type Boiled leather
Condition Minor damage
Body Ears Large, Right Ear
Eyes Muddy brown,Normal
Hair Shaved/cut very short,Black
Teeth Missing – 2d4
Skin Green,
Personality Personaliy Scholarly
Position/Rank/Job Position/Rank/Job Servant/Slave
Size & Build Size Above average
Build Long limbed
Tattoos & Markings Tattoos & Markings Piercing – Ears
Symbol Symbol Dagger/Knife
Voice/Speech Voice/Speech Strong accent
Weapon Weapon Sword
Quirk/Feature Quirk/Feature Has an insect as a pet

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