Before they wake again by Titus Lunter
Before they wake again by Titus Lunter (click for larger image)

This week inspiration image comes from Titus Lunter ans is titled “Before they wake again”.

You have heard the legends about the object at the center of the forest. The elders have made it a taboo to travel here, but you had to know ..what was it…

  • Who made this object? Is it a chariot from the gods or a messenger from an infernal plane, slumbering before it’s master awakens it?
  • What is made from?
  • What do those odd symbols on its side mean?
  • Why is it here? Is it to help or to hinder the people of your world?
  • Why did the elders ban people from coming here? Are the legends of those who came here returning struck with madness true or simply a reason to scare people from this site?
  • Where did it come from? The heavens or somewhere foul and demonic?
  • When did it crash? Or did it land here deliberately?

Credit :  Titus Lunter (Patreon page)

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