A n ew name generator has been added today, the Indian(Hindu) name generator. India, in terms of population is a massive country with 1.2 billion people calling it home. To reflect that, this generator has the highest number of possible name combinations I have done in a generator to date, with 1324 female first names, 3282 male first names and  1979 surnames, giving a total of

1324 * 1979 = 2,620,196 possible female names

3282 * 1979 = 6,495,078 possible male name

giving you a total number of possible names generated = 9,115,274.  Granted this falls a little short of the 1.2 billion population of India, but if this does not satisfy your name needs then nothing will.

Get results such as :

Female Male
Balasandhya Maran Agreni Jaffrey
Chalasani Viraf Ajitanatha Thundyil
Ganjan Sony Asma Nadkarni
Jayanti Matta Dharma Talip
Karisni Namdev Harbans Rangwala


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