Library Contents:

The library seems old and mouldy with an almost sickening smell that you can’t really discribe…almost as if it smells of death. The room is rather big, 100 feet long by 110 feet wide and cramped with 80 shelves squeezed into the room.

On examination of one of the shelves closer to you, you find that it contains about 20 Scrolls. The scrolls in this section of the shelf seem to historical records and the scroll’s writings are faded.

On the opposite shelf you find 7 Books. Selecting one of these dust covered books from random on the shelf it seem to deal with a book on being a good dyer.

Further on in the section you find 50 Scrolls. The scrolls in this section of the shelf seem to be a collection of love letters, written mainly in elvish and varying in degrees of explicitness and the scroll’s writings are blotched, almost illegible – it seems that the scroll sustained some water damage at some stage.

In the one corner of the library, you find a dimly lit desk hidden under scores of books. One of these catches you attention and you examine it more closely. This average sized book is aptly titled “The Desolation of the Swashbucklers, by the Unexpected (Fiction)” with covers of leather and is in average condition. The parchment pages are unbound, but wrapped with a leather cord. In addition, there is a purple fire arcing around an upward pointing arrow inscribed within a magic circle on the cover. Any thief would tell you that it’ll be worth 100 gold crowns in your hands.


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