This weeks generator is for those eldritch cosmic abominations that the mere sight of them can drive a mortal mad and destroy your sanity forever…

A sample is below, but I can’t be held responsible for any breaks in reality if you read them aloud. Click on the table heading to be taken to the generator page.

Lovecraft Creature Namer
Winged Devourers of Ig-azak Frenzied Followers of Ashzay
Unknown Walkers of Nil’agu Infernal Horrors of Mhaaazash
Formless Horrors of Ashtorigog Abominable Young of Itha’brex
Greater Things of Ongzyan Evil Walkers of Ithaq’oggua
Deep Shamblers of Zo’dren Damned Stalkers of Asta’yan

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