This is a LOW (1-3) level adventure pitting the players against an evil cult.
The party of adventurers must destroy an altar in the basement of a warehouse

The altar is guarded by a minotaur (CR 4) and 5 Half-Orc Fighters, 4 Orc Spearfighters, 4 Orc Berserkers, 4 Orc Archers, and 4 Orc Warriors (CR 2, 2, 1, 1, and 1/2). 1 Wolves (CR 1) may be encountered nearby. The players will also have to contend with 3 glyphs of warding, such as the entrance to the inner sanctum or guarding the treasure. See the CR 4 glyph of warding trap on p. 72 of the DMG.. Possible treasure may include Nothing yet


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