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I was curious about which of my products on DTRPG had achieved the various metal ratings (copper, silver etc) so have sat down and made a small spreadsheet (see imbed below for all the details).

Each tab/section has links to the various products. For now, though, this is the first 200 I have checked. I will add more to this as and when I can as starting at the listings, copying etc hurts hte eyes and brain after a while heh.

Overview of the results:

Titles Checked 200
No Metal 13 6.50%
Copper 29 14.50%
Silver 84 42.00%
Electrum 53 26.50%
Gold 20 10.00%
Platinum 1 0.50%
Total (metal) 187 93.50%
Total (all) 200 100.00%

For the products that have no metal rating, they are almost all within 15 or so sales to get the first rating. Some do not count due to being under the needed threshold or where given away for free on bundle deals that affected the “value”.

Overall, I am plesently surprised with the result. Once I have finished checking all the items I have on sale at DTRPG, then I can start going through bundles etc.

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