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This week has been a rather busy one for me, but that’s how I like it! Boredom or being unable to do things would be my hell.

I’ve covered my plans for the “Content Pack” series in two posts listed below, which I aim to bring out in later March, but from a realistic POV will probably be April, before my birthday on the 28th, which can be found here for PART 1 and here for PART 2). Today in a semi-related topic, I’ll go over some other ideas I have. I say semi-related as not all of these are generator based, but the gens can be used to expand or create new content packs.


An important thing I have to point out first: These are, for now, just ideas. I will aim to bring out as many of these as I can but I am just one person working on this, so think of this article as me putting ideas out there into the universe and seeing what sticks. When you are someone like me who gets what feels like a million ideas a day, you need to get them out of your brain to make room for other stuff, even if they never come to light. This list/article is that!



Assorted Slang and Terminology

Not a gen, but can be fun to do as a reference series. Feel like the layout needs tweaking but got some more ideas for this such as “Cockney Rhyming Slang,” espionage, various fields of science etc.


Campaign Helper 

Things for the one running the game, like non-monetary rewards, a “Villain/Antagonist” maker and so on.


Character Options

If “Campaign Helper” is for the GM, Character Options is mainly for the player, (but the GM can use it for npcs etc).  Things like backgrounds, bloodlines, family-based events and more along those lines.


Creature Description Generator

I have so many ideas for this existing line of generators/PDFs I could do an article on its own!  With the OGL changes, I could even do them for a certain system, but will probably stick to system-free stuff for these….although…..


Dungeon Feature

Like the CDG, this will defiantly be expanded on as a core part of some of the [Content Packs] planned


Empire Builder 

Not many planned to do more for this series, but, will be a major part of some [Content Packs]


Encounters & Events

This is one that, for me, took a lot of work. I’m not saying it won’t return, just not a high priority for me right now. Still, has a lot of possible topics and genres to cover!


Group Maker

I mentioned this in a previous post, but this is the working title I use when planning for things like Cults, Guilds and so on.  Like others, will be split into sub-topics, such as genre, setting and so on.


NPC Maker

In much the same way as Creature Description covers creatures and Dungeon Feature covers, well, dungeon features, this one is planned to be about the various NPCs, such as wizards, rangers, and so on, PLUS the more “regular” NPCs such as guards, the bar keeps etc. Could be made into a [Content Pack] on its own or used as part of others.


Urban Features and Wilderness Features

Essentially the same as the “Dungeon Feature” series, but for things found in settlements or the wilds as appropriate.


Card Decks

This, well this is something I’ve been toying with for a while, sets of physical cards with various short bits of content done on them. It could be NPCs, map tiles, plots or whatever. I think this is something that will be done after the various [Content Packs] have been out for a while, but will need to find/make the various templates I need first.




So, s many ideas, but not enough time hehe


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