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As I mentioned yesterday, today’s post is about a multitude of things. As the title suggests, its about stores (online ones), social media links streaming and any other stuff I think I need to share the link for.

So buckle up and have a read!


Where you can find inline where I sell my stuff,  as Ennead Games


On most, if not all the social media will be posting as Mobius, Mobius Tempus or some variant of the two with the account being Ennead Games. Each is a combo of personal/business related as, well, I’m the person running things and both aspects are important to me.

Am also on hive but so far that appears to be app only (as far as I can tell). Bluesky and Masterdon feel like they are going to be ones I’ll be using the most in the future, but, time will tell.


Twitch channel

Schedule – from 4th September 2023. Streaming times are 6pm London time (GMT/BST as appropriate)

  • Monday – Free, but occasional random extra stream as health allows
  • Tuesday – Game of the week (at time of posting is Baldurs Gate 3)
  • Wednesday – Game of the week
  • Thursday – Game of the week
  • Friday – Watch Party


This covers anything else really.

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