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As some of you may be aware Twitter has, well… let’s say things there is a major concern to many folks right now.  First, off the bat, I am not leaving Twitter, for the moment anyway, but I am diversifying my social platforms until I find one or two that really work for me.

I’ll be updating this link list and reposting it every so often with any changes. For now though this is a pretty solid list. Some I will be more active on than others, this is a busy, semi-chaotic time for a lot of people, so seeing “what sticks” so to speak.

Generally speaking, if I add new platforms, it’ll be under EnneadGames (or variants on that) for the account name with a high probability of using MobiusTempus as my username.






Some other places

  • Pinterest  – Not been added to for a while but still active
  • Reddit – This is more a link archive at the moment for posts
  • Twitch – My streaming channel, streams run 4 days a week , Monday to Thursday, 5:30pm UK time

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