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Not done one of these for a while!

Ok, first off my plan to post more regularly on a schedule got met by the juggernaut that is “REAL LIFE”. As always, it’s nothing to worry about just my body/brain being a-holes. It happens, and for the most part, I can deal with it.

With that said, thought I’d let folks know about what’s coming in the next month!
Two related PDFs about Wizards residences/towers. The first is to do with wizards towers (just the towers not about the area around them) and covers things such as the size, traps, shape and so on.
The second PDF was originally going to be for names/titles for the tower, but, I realised it would be better suited for more interesting names for residences of many types, but, the two could be used together if needed!

I’m going to *attempt* this week to also sort out some social media libraries for semi-auto posting and so on, plus maybe see if there is a way I can re-use/repost some older blog content for when the brain just says NO to doing things, but, as always that’s subject to the whims of fate/my body!

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