Mission Outlines Volume 1

Ennead Games runs a patron to help fund various projects, such as keeping the website going on contributing towards general upkeep.

One of the rewards for subscribers is a weekly series of mission outlines, created using the “Adventure Outline Maker – Sci-Fi Edition” system and expanded on. This PDF is a compilation of 10 weeks’ worth of outlines. They have been expanded where needed, minor details changed, but essentially are the same as what the Patrons’ get, just they get it earlier.

The mission outlines inside this volume:

  • Darkness and Silence – A field medic needs help finding a mutant for a cure
  • Graska Incident – A drone operator seeks redemption
  • How to win friends and Influence AI – AI’s want friends too!
  • It can’t fall into the wrong hands – An ancient ship has desired powerful technology
  • Last of the First – A city ships houses one of the oldest beings in the universe
  • Lost and Found – An ancient relic resurfaces and needs to be moved
  • Nanos and Arguments – A government official puts themselves to the front of the line for a medical treatment
  • No good deed… – Sometimes you can’t even have a break without someone wanting your help
  • Some things should not be mapped – A military cartographer gets into trouble when they map something they should not have.
  • The one who was chosen – Events on Dragus III lead a religious inquisitor to seek help with the investigation.

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3 thoughts on “Mission Outlines Volume 1 and the RPG Round Up

  1. Twila Price says:


    I bought your Mission Outlines booklet just now and I have to comment. While the content was reasonably interesting, once I managed to parse the text, said text was nigh unreadable in places, due to little or no copy-editing. It’s not that hard to do a quick pass to check spelling and grammar, and readers will be very happy if you do. In particular, smoothing out the Generated Result text would take maybe five minutes (possibly less if you have a copy editor handy) and it would give a much better impression of your professionalism. Right now, I find it quite sloppy writing/editing.

  2. Twila Price says:

    I mean, in the second entry, the Generated Text reads: “A serious Drone Commander wants you to Avenge a Species, located in Water World. Along the way you encounter Side-tracked and are help/hindered by Help from Military (Air) and oppossiton from Bureaucrat (competent). The reward is Weapon – Ranged – Enhanced.”

    This could become, quite easily, “A serious drone commander asks you to avenge a species that was located on a water world. Along the way, you are side-tracked, helped by someone in the air/space military, and opposed by a competent bureaucrat. The reward is a ranged enhanced weapon.”

    Note how nicely that flows, but keeps the essential information the same (with a few tweaks). That took me all of two minutes to change.

    1. Mobius says:

      Hi there, thanks for the feedback. I believe you are referring to the first part of the mission outlines – The Generated part yes? If so they are presented as they are made, via the Adventure Outline Generator system. That part is, for want of a better term, randomly generated and is presented as such. This is then expanded into the full outline you find underneath. It’s not meant to be an intro into the outline, just showing what was created, the “raw” output, as it were.

      When I made the fantasy version of the adventure outlines, I did think about smoothing the generated text into something that flowed better but felt that wouldn’t work as it would not show how the raw result could be transformed into something much more usable.

      As for the spelling/grammar errors, I can only apologise. Being a one man operation, sometimes things like these slip through the net, especially when health issues come into play. Not an excuse, just offering up a reason.

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