Today I have begun work on something that will shape the industry to it’s core…I call it the d1!

Need to make a choice from a long list of one item? The the d1 is for you!

Here is a close up image of the revoltionary design!

But what can this amazing new technology do for YOU?

  • Do I need to breathe right now? Roll the d1 and take that breath with pride! (Asthma sufferers may need to keep their inhalers on standby. Those with other Lung conditions are advised to follow the instructions of their medical practitioner)
  • Do you exist? Roll the d1 and find out!
  • Need to roll a 1? Then you know what to do!
  • Many single option decisions can now be made in complete confidence!!

But what if you need to make more than one decision or roll a number higher than 1 I hear you ask?  Well purchase 1 d1 and we’ll throw in not 1, not 2, but AS MANY D1’S AS WE CAN FIT IN THE PACKAGE!

English: A standard number 2 pencil, unsharpen...
English: A standard number 2 pencil, unsharpened. Made by Sanford. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The above pic shows you the amazing package in which the d1 comes. It evens features it’s own handy eraser for when you have finished using the incredible new device we have made for you.

Marker pen
Marker pen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or you could go for the delux package. Sadly no d1 removal device is included with the delxue package but why would you want to remove such an amazing thing from existance?

Keep and eye out for the sister product to the d1…the d0 – for when you have to make NO choices at all!







In case you don’t get it (or are viewing this later), this was posted on April 1st 9:00 am.

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