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For many, the cost of living is going right up by a silly amount and some…lets some ethically dubious, companies are putting their prices up across the board. As there is no PDF out today, due to  March being one of those months that messes up my work schedule every year, instead, I am happy to say that not only will I be doing everything I can to keep the PDFs prices as they are, but from today a few have been reduced in price!

Those new permanently lower-priced PDFs are, in order of publication…

Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition (Gold rated)–Details-Kit-2–Fantasy-Edition
was $2.50 Now $2.25

Campaign Chunks Compilation (Gold Rated)
was $9.99 now $7.99

Tavern Kit 2 (Electrum rated)
was $1.99 now $1.75

Starship Maker (Electrum rated)
was $2.99 now $2.49

Creature Description Generator Volume 10 – Mutations (Gold Rated)–Mutations
was $3.99 now $2.99

Dungeon Maker (Electrum rated)
was $2.99 now $2.49

Corporation Overview Maker (Silver Rated)
was $2.49 now $2.25

Equipment Maker SciFi Edition Volume 2 – Mechs (Silver Rated)–Mechs
was $2.99 now $2.49

Creature Description Generator Volume 13 – Fungus Folk–Fungus-Folk
was $2.49 now $2.25

Equipment Maker #11 – Musical Instruments–Musical-Instruments
was $2.49 now $2.25

Map Feature Namer Elemental Planes
was $2.49 now $2.25

Chaotic Spells (Silver Rated)
was $2.99 now $2.49

Empire Builder – Holiday/Festival Outline (Copper rated)–Holiday-Festival-Outline
was $2.50 now $2.25

Cybernetics Overview
was $2.99 now $2.49

Quick Generator Extended – Generic Fantasy Surnames (Copper Rated)–Generic-Fantasy-Surnames
was $2.49 now $2.25


In effect, anything over $1.99 has had a price reduction of some kind.

I will be doing everything I can to keep the prices of my PDFs as affordable for everyone as possible. Some will still be priced at above the $1.99 price point on release, but these will tend to be much larger products. Associated bundles/collections and so on will take a little while to update from my end.

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