Macro Cogwheel Gear Engine Vintage  - Pavlofox / Pixabay

This week’s blog theme is Technology.  It is a general/overview category focused on the mundane. ie not enchanted or using weird unknown materials to work or that has been blessed by a deity and so on. Doesn’t mean that it’s fully understood by everyone, just “regular” methods are used to make it.

  1. What is the earliest recorded piece of tech?
  2. What is the oldest surviving intact and still working technology?
  3. Who is the most famous, or infamous, inventor?
  4. What is a piece of tech that virtually everyone has?
  5. What was the biggest technological-based disaster?
  6. What is the latest bit of tech that has got everyone excited (or worried)?
  7. What is the main limitation/primary issue of technology right now?
  8. What powers tech in general?
  9. Which piece of tech had the greatest influence on society?
  10. Who controls or regulates various techs?


Bonus Question: What tech is banned and why?


The sheet has been moved to a document with a handy contents page as it was becoming quite obvious to me that a spreadsheet would not work in long term!

The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE. (Current count, including the above 11 questions is 209 questions or prompts!)

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