Quirks are handy to make your NPC’s more memorable and believable. Here are 20 to get you started


  1. is stooped and moves slowly due to a bad back
  2. paranoid with extremely wide eyes
  3. likes to play games
  4. gets angered by strange things
  5. blows their nose into their hand and then shakes it clean
  6. has trouble hearing
  7. shakes fist in the air often
  8. interrupts themselves
  9. is extroverted to the point of embarrassing their companions
  10. talks too loudly
  11. attracts birds that may land or sit on them when outside
  12. gets angered by strange things
  13. always plugs their favorite politician (or guild, royal family-member, etc.)
  14. close talker
  15. forgets what they are saying
  16. vegetarian
  17. looks boldly at people, with tight lips and narrowed eyes
  18. wears a ring on every finger
  19. boasts about their sexual exploits (real or imagined)
  20. buck teeth



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