Need a secret for your NPC? Roll a d20 and discover what they are hiding from your players

  1. likes to torture small animals
  2. is dying of old age but concealing the fact with illusions
  3. knows the best fishing hole in the area
  4. wakes up each morning with blood under their nails but no wounds
  5. is bald and wears a wig
  6. is the local homeless drunkard,but the ever-present bottle in the brown paper bag actually holds water
  7. enjoys a great reputation for some martial deed in the past, but it is a fabrication and they are actually cowardly
  8. is suffering a crisis of faith
  9. is on the brink of bankruptcy
  10. is the spouse, sibling, or offspring of one of pc’s victims
  11. wears a sword and talks tough,but has no idea how fight
  12. is a gambling addict and is stealing money from their work to cover their debts
  13. is suffering a crisis of faith
  14. reads trashy romance novels
  15. has an intelligent magic item that communicates through telepathy
  16. has been slowly poisoning the food and drink of the sick relative they are looking after
  17. wears a sword and talks tough,but has no idea how fight
  18. is plotting against their business rivals
  19. is an agent in disguise for an evil organization
  20. is a dealer of an illicit substance or commodity


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