Chaotic Spells

Chaotic Spells

Let Chaos Reign…


Spells. Miracles. Rituals. No matter what they are called, they all, it can be argued, are a way of tapping into the supernatural power of the world and use it in a way that hopefully benefits the caster. This can range from spells that cast balls of fire, to miracles that raise the dead and much more. Each spell or miracle is normally rigidly defined and the caster, at the time, has a good idea of what the effect *should* be, if not the precise details such as how much damage is done or if all the creatures limbs come back with it.

A Chaotic Spell, on the other hand, is one in which the caster has NO idea what will happen. The spell could be a short-range healing spell or a meters wide wall of ice.

This PDF gives you a system-neutral set of tables for generating random, or chaotic spells. You can use it to make fully chaotic spells or just one aspect of a regular spell. Some may be practically unusable, and others over-powered to the point of ridiculousness. Use them at your peril…and let chaos reign!

Inside you will find tables that cover and give examples for…

  • Components
  • Cost
  • Effect
  • Min Cost/Value
  • Potency
  • Potency Related Effects
  • Range/Size
  • Shape/Form
  • Targets
  • Target Type
  • Time
  • Words

This system is designed with a d100/percentage (%) based games in mind. If you are using other dice-based systems such as d20 or d10, this makes it easier to adapt to as you can divide (rounding down) by 5 for d20 systems and by 10 for d10. Other systems would need some tweaking, based on their designs.


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