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Last week…well last week was a bit of a cluster of things going wrong, so this update will break with the normal format and just give a breif general summary of the state of how its going.

Real life things ( tm ) got in the way along with some bad mental health days. Each adding to the pile made it harder to focus and get stuff done. There was also some weird stuff going on with my tech/computers, mostly likely due to some iffy updates that just made doing anything almost impossible..tyvm software updaes for almost bricking my machine…..again!

Things have, for the most part, settled down and back on track for things. This week is an “Chris you need to take it easy week or your brain may rebel again” week!

The next PDF is still planned on coming out oj schedule and will be another d100 collection from the Arbitary Collection, a compliation of the d100 lists published on this blog for most weeks. The streams will still be going out as per normal (And yes i figured out the issue from last night, the latest OBS update had a wibble on my end and appears to be fine now)

Still trying to find a way to “auto-publish” to places like Ko-fi , but thats a “not mega important, will keep looking” task.

Gonna sign off now and continue to relax/rest/try not to stresh about things…whilst drinking my water and taking needed meds. Hope your week goes well!




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