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This weeks “10 questions about” world building series covers flora, aka plants. They are a vital part of the ecology and something often overlooked.  They can be as varied as fauna and provide resources, such as food and bulding materials that other creatures, including sentient ones, need to survive.

  1. What is the most prolific plant in your world?
  2. What is the most saught after/most expensive plant in your world and why?
  3. Which plant has the most vareitys?
  4. What is the oldest single flora specimen?
  5. Are there any plants banned and if so why?
  6. What is the weirdest/unusual plant in the world?
  7. Are there any botancial gardens that help preserve rarer plants?
  8. Is there an offocial organistation that keeps tracks of the world flora? What are their details?
  9. Are there any carnivorous plants?
  10. Which plants are consumed the most by sentients?

Bonus question – Do any plants have arcane, divine or other supernatural properties?


The list of previous and other world building prompts/questions can be found HERE.

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