Technobabble Generator - Expanded

“Technobabble Generator – Expanded” orginaly came out in 2013 and so far has reached an Electrum rating on DTRPG, putting it in the top 7623 products (7.35%). As many people who know me will understand,  I am a big fan of a certain sci-fi show that deals with the treking in the stars , one that is known for it’s techno-babble.  As such, this was something I feel like I was always going to make at some point.  Orginaly there was the technobabble generator, which iirc was just two d100 tables. But  saw when creating it there was the potenial for a lot more options. And so TBG-E was created.  It indrectly led to the creation of other of “Babble” generators, and to this date, is the one I have probably used the most in my home games, espically when I ran the STA series. It wasnt until much, much later I noticed the spelling error on the cover. and by that point I had lost the origanl file used to make this. Still, at some point, a second revision/expansion is definalty possible, with evern more options…


In all good sci-fi games and stories, having impressive sounding technology can help with the immersion.

If something is broken, faulty, been stolen or needs to be modified, you need to know what it is called. It can be weird effects, or something your scanner has picked up. The point is to make it sound futuristic and science-y

What is actually does though is another matter entirely.

Please note that this is a expanded version of the original Technobabble generator by Ennead Games and contains the same information as the original product plus extras to expand the possible results even more.

Some of those combinations include:

  • Auxiliary spectral chamber
  • Reversed electro-magnetic assembly
  • Temporal molecular discriminator


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