Dungeon Feature Volume 9 - Portals

Dungeon Feature Volume 9 – Portals

What lies on the other side?

The Dungeon Feature series is designed to help you come up with details for features found in dungeons*. This particular volume covers Portals.

A portal is, in many ways, like a door. They both take you to another place once you step through it. The main difference between a door and a portal is that a door takes you to the next chamber, corridor or even outside.

Stepping through an active portal however and you may find yourself on the other side of town, in another country, or maybe even the other side of the world. Some portals can take you even further, to other worlds, star systems or even universes/planes of existence…

( * ) = The word “Dungeons” is used here as a placeholder word as these features can be found in regular buildings, ruins, castle and so on.

Contents Divided into two parts, function and cosmetic, which give you examples/ideas for portals and include…


** Function **

  • Activation Method – What is needed to activate it?
  • Control Location – Where are any controls?
  • Control Type – What are the controls needed?
  • Defences – Does the portal have and defences?
  • Destination(s) – Where does the portal go, arguably the most important aspect
  • Duration – How long do you have to use it?
  • Power source – Whats gives it power?
  • Power use – How much power is used per activation or user?
  • Quirk – What, if any, odd thing thing exists for this portal?
  • Rating – Generic term used for various aspects
  • State – Is the portal active?
  • Travel – The portals range and if its one way or both


** Cosmetic **

  • Active Visual – What do you see when the gate is ready for use?
  • Apperance – What does the gate look like?
  • Condition – Condition of the gate.
  • Decoration – Anything extra added to it?
  • Shape & Size – As it says
  • Primary Material – What is the main material for the portal?
  • Sounds – Is the portal silent or does it make a noise?
  • Style – is it sleek and futuristsic, or something more rustic?


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