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Time for the last update of the month!



The latest PDF was from the “Dungeon Feature” series and covered portals: Door like things that take you to far away places. Did better than i thought it would and , at time of typing this, is at #11 in the DTRPG  “popular under $5” chart!

DrivethruRPG Link


World Anvil

Last week was the turn of the “10 Questions about….” world building series and it covered transportation. There are currently 66 questions in the spreadhseet about world building and are adding about 11 every other week.

[World Building] 10 Questions about… Transportation

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

Stream Channel Link

  • ESO – Big news time for ESO, well for me at least. Have fnished the Dark Brotherhood questline (even though i borked on the last mission by forgetting I had rebound the break-free setting and it causing me to die many times). I am now , officially, back in the Morrowind expansion! After the current questline, which iirc involves Sun-in-Shadow, then would be at the same point, in Morrowwind that I got to before before i had a major burnout and stopped playing/streaming. This time, not only do i have several DLC and the core game under my belt, but the guide should ensure I dont miss stuff.
  • Farscape Watch Party – Despite the, lets say…wibble…. in the fact I had missed off an episode, we’re now back on track with things and only 4 more weeks to go before we’re done with Farscape (3 before Peacekeepr Wars)

Video/VT Channel Link


Goals and To-Do List

Repeating Weekly Goals/Tasks Done?
Uploaded last weeks stream to YT y
Biweekly/Alternating Goals/Tasks
Released a PDF y
World Anvil Article n/a
World Building Prompt/Questions y
Irregular Goals/Tasks
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one n
Added PDF to PDF page on site y

Removed, temporarily at least, the subscribers tracker from the ongoing and one-off goals as I relaised it was not really helping me with things. If anything it was a bit upsetting (not a huge amount) to see slow number gorwth etc. So , putting that side of things on the back burner, for now at least.


The Foundry Project

Having subbed wto some new discords to help with things has really helped. Got the first main test of running a game in FoundryVTT this weekend. If all goes well, then can start tomove on with things. If not, then it’s back to the drawing board, so to speak. at some point I  *may* do a “FoundryVTT  Module of the week” post, but, as before, it wont be until I have had some acual play with them.


Other Stuff

The itch.io bundle is ready to go live tommrow. I just hope people dont think it’s an April fool joke or something. But it should be good for a lot of people, espically those on a tight budget.


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