Equipment Maker #11 Musical Instruments

Equipment Maker #11 Musical Instruments

Use one of these instruments and make your performance memorable – with 100 million+ possible combinations!


There are many types of instruments in the world, used by various musicians to express their art, from the humble drum to the complex piano-like instrument. With the possible exception of the voice of a creature, each instrument follows one of several types and each of those, in turn, have their way of doing things.

“Equipment Maker #11 Musical Instruments” gives you a series of tables , prompts and ideas, to help bring more details to your descriptions, from a simple sentence description/concept to an overview of the quality of the sound made.

Featuring tables that cover…

  • Four x d100 tables (Instrument , Material, Prefix & Sound Descriptor) that can be used together to give you a one-sentence idea or concept, with (100 X 100 x 100 x 100) or 100,000,000 possible combinations if all the tables are used!
  • Rating – An abstract term used for multiple things
  • Size/Size Difference – How big , roughly is this version of your instruement compared to the base item?
  • Shape/Form – The shape of it
  • Type – An opitional table used when making a new instrument
  • Quirk/Feature – 100 ways in which this particular instrument might stand out from others of the same type.


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