Helpful List Arbitrary Collection 9

Every week on the Ennead Games blog, normally on a Friday, a helpful list of 20 items is posted. These normally follow no set pattern or theme, unless there has been a request for a particular list, but a few are based off real-world subjects. Some tables are expanded further into full lists or generators, and others work just fine on their own – all you need to use them is a d20.

The subjects range from names from classes or professions, to what you might magical classes for magic schools, to martial arts move names and more. There may be a common theme for the volume, then again, there might not be. They have been brought together into a handy and eclectic collection, a mixture of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and other genres.

Featuring 20 x d20 tables that cover…

  1. Anime/Manga Titles
  2. Armour Pieces
  3. Class/Profession Concept
  4. Creature Concept
  5. Creature Concept 2
  6. Diety Domains
  7. Disgruntled Phrase
  8. Magic Drink Name
  9. Magic Class
  10. Magictech
  11. Martial Arts Moves Names
  12. NPC Concept
  13. Poison Name
  14. Sci-Fi Materials
  15. Sci-Fi Objects
  16. Sci-Fi Weapons
  17. Spell Names
  18. Trap Concept
  19. Wild West Names Feminine
  20. Wild West Names Masculine


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