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Helpful List Arbitrary Collection 9” came out on Monday. One of the entries in it was originally related to diseases. I thought under the current circumstances that that might not be a great idea so i changed it to Deity Domains. Which got me thinking about domains and so on. The next planned PDF will be one thats gives 200 deity names and about 300 domains, so you could have, for example, “Xolotyl, God of fire” and so on.


World Anvil

The featured article last week was about the Godshards, an item that I originally created to explain how one of the wizard characters in my DnD game could take on a level of warlock.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




  • M – BL3 – Ohh booy. Started the moxxi heist this week. Its a blast running about the casino and doing stuff there. This is 100% going to be a game i will play off stream once I have done things, but not until have done it on stream, so things are not spoiled.
  • T – STO – Getting close to the end of the arcs, but there is still a ton more side things to do, fleet leveling and so on
  • W – GW2 – Making some real progress in things here, Still go a lot to do, but now is in the *when* it happens, not *if* – Will be focusing on getting mounts and so on. Still need to try fractals and WvW at some point
  • T – LOTRO – Took a break from the leveling to do some spring festival related stuff. I got a pet goose now!
  • F – SDV – Looks like there might be not one, but TWO weddings this spring 😀
  • S – STA – The last session of the STA campaign and , all things considered, despite the audio effing up for 20 mins at the start, it went well. Had to cut a few scenes because of the aforementioned audio shenanigans, but ended things pretty epically. The characters had their epilogues and I set things up for the possible future, with a scene that i was told was “dmmit i want to know what happened with that” – And thats is the best thing a GM could hear. Yeah i was a bit emotional, but general, felt good.

Asassains Creed Saga playthrough – I was gifted a copy AC:Odyssey and it was joking suggested i could play all them now. Having got a few of them on the cheap due to sales, the idea is now feasable. I will provide more details in another post, probably tomorrow to replace the WA one (as i need to work on something for the deitys first) – but the gist of it will be 11 games, played on probably a Friday.

ESO will return once BL3 is done.


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