Background & Details Kit 2 - Fantasy Edition

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Originally published in January 2016, BADK2 went on to achieve a GOLD rating on DTRPG (putting it in the top 4436 products (3.8%) on DTRPG). It was also a part of the 2020 AU Wildfire Relief bundle. This was a sequel to another product of a similar name. There are plans to get this into print at some point, maybe after an update or tweaking along with a  FoundryVTT module combination bundle.

Backgrounds & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition


In 2012, the original Backgrounds and Details Kit from Ennead Games was released. Now, several years later, it has been remade, with more options and the original set of details expanded on and improved. Combining this publication with content from others that have been made over the years and new features added the BDK 2 was made. Designed for both players who want to flesh out their character and GMs that wish to make an NPC that little bit more believable.

This publication is divided into multiple parts; quick, detailed and life events.

The quick section is for when you want just the basics. It covers the characters’ age range, their gender, species, profession and personality – Make an NPC with only a few rolls.

Detailed is when you want more details for your characters or NPCs or to help flesh out an existing character’s background. You may need a flaw, a secret or just can’t decide what colour the characters’ hair is. You probably won’t be using all these details on one character at once. This section gives you hair style, skin, friends & family, fears/phobias, motivations and much more.

Life events cover major events in the characters life, from birth, through adulthood and method of death, if needed.

When using these tables, especially the detailed background ones, you may get what appears to be conflicting results. But don’t despair or re-roll these results as some of the most interesting characters can come from what appears to be conflicting information.

Inside you find tables for…

  • Character hometown details
  • Eyes details and other facial features
  • Parents details
  • Phobias and how character reacts to their phobia
  • Professions
  • Skin type/condition
  • Species
  • Typical clothing
  • Voice style and type

and many more!

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