Quick Generator Sci-Fi Locations

Just a quick (heh) thing to let folks know that a new Quick Gen is out today –  “Quick Generator Sci-Fi Locations”. As the name suggests, it is a quick way to come up with names/concepts for sci-fi locations.

As for the other news, well it’s two things. One major, one minor(ish).

The minor-ish one first – I am finally ready to start selling FoundryVTT modules of my gens…well that’s a small lie. From a coding pov I now have a system in place, just struggling to work out a price for them. Once I picked a price point for the QG modules I can scale up from there.

As for the major news – I am now in the last stage of the POD/Print on Demand process. Literally just waiting for my proof/copy to arrive then I will be able to start selling “100 xd100” IN PRINT!!!


Quick Generator Sci-Fi Locations

Where is your mission located?

Many science fiction based games and worlds feature maps, news reports that mention a location, orders that tell you to go to one particular place and deal with the problem there and so on.

You might have names for the star system or planets and now just need something to cover a particular location or area.

From stations to docks, to enclaves and havens, this PDF gives you a system for generating simple names and concepts for features that might be found on maps in sci-fi, or modern-adjacent, settings.

With 10,000 possible combinations, you are sure to find something that sparks your imagination!

Example outputs include…

  • The Apollo Expanse
  • The Nova Sector
  • The Terminus Ward


Available now at…



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