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A quick bit of news here covering two things – with a small update about other stuff!

The first – “Content Pack 100 x d100 tables”  is now in print via POD/Print on Demand with DrivethruRPG. As I said I would, you can get the book + the PDF for no additional cost!

The second thing, again related to “CD100”, which is the code I use in my notes to refer to the above product. It is now “Copper” rated on DTRPG, which puts it in the top 15888 products (13.59%). Next goal…silver!

Now that, for the most part, the issues I was having with setting things up for print I know how to handle (even if I did in a rather silly way leave in a, lets call it a “limited edition feature/error” on the contents page) I can work on getting more stuff made into a print-based format. But, as this was quite time consuming, there is as of right now, no fixed schedule for these. They WILL happen, just not sure when.

The last bit of news or update is that I am in the last stage for the FoundryVTT module release, just having to work out a price scale, starting with the Quick Gens and going up.


Things definalty not been moving as fast as I wanted, but, all considered, factoring in health etc, the fact they ARE moving is a good thing!


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