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This week’s blog theme is “currency” and as such, this week I’m highlighting “Empire Builder – Currency Generator”. Currency, is for many many cultures, an important thing as can be ingrained into almost every aspect of life, sometimes a bit too much.

But it can also be, for some, a form of art in itself, with many varieties of shapes, designs and more, to the point that some individuals will collect them, not because of what its “worth” but because the design is rare, unique or just aesthetically pleasing.

In other related news, things have settled down with regards to the site – the SSL was successfully installed, and things *should* be faster now, but I’m having to go slower than I hoped due to health, but some progress is still progress!

Original Date of publication: February 29, 2016.

Drivethru metal rating: Electrum – Put it in the top 9625 products (7.2%)

Update – A free-to-use generator based on and can be use alongside this PDF is also available

Empire Builder Kit – Currency Details Generator

Design and make up a currency for your empire or kingdoms.

Currency, it is has been said, is the oil by which the wheels of empires turn. It pays for goods, services and more. Any kingdom or empire needs its own currency; the question is, what is it like?

The Currency Generator is here to help you design and make up a currency for your empire or kingdoms. You may have the name but need to know what it looks like. You could have its look but need to decide what the coin your party has found is actually worth

There are 8 aspects to the currency generator, with 2 optional ones;

  • Denominations/Value – What is each bit of money worth?
  • Images – Does your currency have an image on it?
  • Material – What is the money made from?
  • Name – What is the currency called?
  • Security – What measures, if any, are taken to deal with fakes and fraud?
  • Shape – What shape is your money? Square, round or something else?
  • Size – How big is the currency?
  • Text – Is there any text to be found on it?
  • Type/format – What format does the currency take?
  • Other Details/Quirks/Features – A d100 list of options for individual coins and/or your currency


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