Empire Builder - Government Types

Orginally published in August 2015, this part of the EBK, or Empire Builder Kit series (a collection of pdf’s based around the theme of building up details about kingdoms, empires etc) covered the type of ruler one might find in control of a location, such as a country or region. With two main part, one for the more simple or typical ruler types, and another, much more extensive collection that whilst requires more work to use, can make for a more interesting ruler type.

At time if posting, EBK-GT has got a Electrum rating on DTRPG, putting it in the top 8042 products (7.37%)!


Empire Builder Kit – Government Type

An empire has it rulers. The type of ruler can often determine the character of a nation. Are they a democratic society that follows the will of the people, or are they ruled by a harsh dictator who demand everyone caters to their every whim. They could even be ruled by a group of industrialists whose main goal is the acquisition of wealth.

This part of the Empire Builder kit outlines some of the more common, and not so common, types of ruler or government your empire or country may possess. Although designed with fantasy settings in mind, most of the entries can be used in a sci-fi or other genre of story or game.

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